• Service 1
    Choose your desired lady from our website and then call us or chat software Please let us know your desired date and location. We will tell you when the lady you have chosen is available and when she will arrive.
  • Service 2
    staff member will ask for your room number.
    Please wait in the room until she arrives.
    She will soon deliver an out-of-this-world experience.
  • Service 3
    Breast Body Wash & Bath. Sexy lady will wash and rinse off all of your body while fully naked.
    She can even take a bath with you on request. The core of your body will be warmed

  • Service 4
    Professional Erotic Massage. lady will begin your massage.
    She will talk to you and work on your body slowly and carefully even using her own body to help with the massage.
    If you are feeling especially fatigued in a particular place you can tell the therapist and she will focus on that area.
  • Service 5
    Lay back and thoroughly enjoy beautiful Japanese breasts.
    You can touch and kiss the chest of your girl !
    Please play with the therapist's breasts softly so they do not feel any pain.
    Note: You are not allowed to finger buckle our girls private parts deep.

  • Service 6
    Blow job & Hand Job.She will finish things by simultaneously licking your nipples and performing a hand job or blow
    This will bring you to a place of pure pleasure that will unwind your entire body.
    Your entire body will become sensitive as you are brought to climax.

  • Service 7
    pseudo sex(素股) Lady will put on a condom for you it is not allowed to be inserted. Put a male genitalia between the crotch of therapist and rub it. If you make it slippery with lotion etc… feeling So GOOD!