• Can I touch the Lady?
    If you touch the girl, please do so gently.
    You may kiss or touch her breasts but you cannot finger buckle or lick her privates.
  • Is it an illegal shop?
    No, our service will be a government-approved service by the Japanese government.
    We abide by the laws of Japan.
    So, please also observe our customers' rules.
  • Are business hotels OK?
    Business hotels,Love hotel and home are OK. But Some business hotel elevator need Room key So Our Lady Upon arrival at the hotel
    please come to the lobby to meet her
  • Is all nude service possible?
    No problem at all~
  • Can you deliver a girl who speaks English?
    Don't worry. All of our girls can communicate enough to do their job well.
  • Is there a sex service?
    No, there is no sex service.
    Please be careful not to request the lady more than the service offered by Rose Garden.
  • Can foreigners of different skin colors enjoy the service?
    Don't worry! Our shop Absolutely no racism , as long as you follow our rules ,We look forward to people from all over the world to visit us at any time !
    ★Clients we have the right to refuse :Request or force girls to have sexual intercourse Clients;drunk Clients ; take drugs including hemp, dope, thinner and so on Clients ; have an infectious disease Clients.
  • What needs to be observed during the service process?
    Please don't Force girls to provide abnormal services ,Say dirty words to girls,Behaviors of secretly video taping, recording and filming by video or digital camera and smart phone。
    ★Please be aware that once the above act is found, the service will be discontinued and we won’t return the money even if there is still service time left.
    Also, we will take drastic measures to deal with above issues.We will call the police when necessary Please kindly support our work and thank you for your understanding.
  • Can foreigenrs make phone calls?
    No problem at all~We have can speak Chinese, English, and Korean staff
  • How long will it tale for girls to arrive?
    Under normal circumstances We can respond within 30 to 60 minutes after arrive ,If traffic is heavy will arrive later ,So we think Book early is good for you.
  • Why can't I wait for a reply or the reply is very slow when I add the chat software designated by ROSE GARDEN to make a consultation or make an appointment?
    Since customer appointments come from different ways and a certain period of time will be full of appointments, our staff will take time to complete each customer appointment in turn, and there will be slow responses. In general, a reply will be made within 30-60 minutes.
    As for the delay in replying, it will only occur outside the business hours, and you may wait until the business hours start before replying. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.